Apr 22, 2014

One, two, three! Viva l'Algérie!

I can't even begin to apologize for the giant delay, work, work, work, I can't catch a break. So I actually don't have recent news but old news of the freedom of last summer. I went back to the "bled" to see my family. For some reason, although I've been there at least 12 times, it was the first time I actually began to see Algeria. From Tipaza to Algiers, I took all the pictures I could (taking as little risks as possible) to share the beauty, not only of the landscapes, but of the mentality of great hospitality and family values. That's why this article touches me way more closely than others because it is the first time I actually have a message and a vision I want to transmit to my viewers through my photography.

A little point of politics for those who are informed and may be saying to themselves: "Hey, I haven't heard of Algeria lately, why wasn't there a revolution there like the other north African countries? " (I'm joking, I know no one was thinking that but I want to talk about it)

Well it's simple : these so called revolutions were "civil war" ones. But Algeria, even after a very violent independance war against France has already known in the past century a kind of civil war which didn't lead to a very satisfying political situation. The generations that have witnessed these wars feel there has been a great injustice but that all tries of reestablishment of justice would be useless and destructive. A national hope and cohesion is not possible anymore. Instead of trying to make Algeria better as a whole, each family tries to see how they can make life better for there kids by, for example going to other countries. It is necessary to point out that the corruption is so rooted into algerian politics that it is difficult to imagine a way out.

That was the minute politics, and now I give you picture time !