Jul 26, 2012

Paella, crema catalana and other spanish miracles

Hola !
After having crossed the desert for a long time, I am finally giving you an oasis of 96 elephants.
With the end of my school year and , logicaly, the beginning of my summer vacation, a cover of lethargy and good old laziness has surrounded me comfortably. What with my daily naps and perpetual geeking off, I haven't gotten to really motivate myself for other activies, like blogging. Today, I was so bored that i just decided to say "Why not? If it can get me occupied a bit longer. " So here is me getting motivated!
My only change of air for this summer was two weeks of beach, food and relaxation in Palma de Mallorca. I ate paellas, tapas, crema catalanas and seafood, a lot of sea food, went swimming in two of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to and slept a lot. And of course , as usual, I took pictures everywhere of everything like the little japanese tourist I am inside.

the royal palace

the cathedral

the view from my balcony

ma sista

the Dali museum

Further more, as it was summer, I had a little fun showing off my all new summer finds and changed outfits rather often, here are a few of them.

top Pull and Bear, shorts Primark, watch Swatch, jacket Pull and Bear, sunnies H&M

dress Molly Bracken

dress Lovely Sud, bag Primark

top H&M, shorts Pull and Bear

happy blogging,

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