May 27, 2012

Pimpa's Paradise

I'm sorry it's been so long but as usual I was really busy with school. I still managed to take a few photos which I've been posting regularly on my new tumblr site, even though I have just understood that it isn't the normal use for a tumblr.
I hadn't really done anything resembling a shoot so nothing was put on here.
Two days ago, being bored and having the sun shine brightly over Paris at last, we decided to take a few pictures in little streets we found in the neighborhood.
I used my good old Canon 550D but I broke the autofocus so excuse me for some blurry pictures, it isn't easy to focus manually and accurately.

I named it Pimpa's Paradise because I recently converted myself to Damian Marley after having adored his predecesor and love the song they both interpreted.

Enjoy !

Models : Léa D. and Gaelle G ft. Maelys V.
Rue Champolion 75005 Paris
Rue de Latran 75005 Paris

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