Apr 14, 2012

Apr 2, 2012


When I received the email I could not believe it. It was impossible. Me, a little 15 year old high schooler who was going to the bakery with her dad in the neighborhood like so many times before, couldn't be the winner of the contest organised by my favorite blogger who I've been worshipping and following for months to interview a band I've been listenning tirelessly for months aswell!But it was real and I did not know at all how to react. All day I stressed, I sang with joy, I ransacked my closet and I refilled it to finally go in jeans and sneakers.Upon my arrival, I looked for a "a little purple building" but what guided me was very cute Typhaine Augusto (aka Cookie)'s flaming red hair  with her colorful toy car patterned shirt. After having taken a deep breath and pinched myself to check that I was not dreaming, I said hello in the most natural way that I could mimick and we went in to see the band. I underwent another explosion in my heart when I greeted them one by one on my tippy toes, trying to remember how to breathe. Hooo ... breathe in ... breathe out ... After that, I spoke with Cookies and the organizer of the interview that were extremely friendly not worrying about the huge difference in our ages.When it was time for the interview, the real interview, yes yes, I was not here, on known land anymore. In this space or in time either. So, floating, I went in and sat alone on the booth facing the three artists. I was immediately put at ease, they were no more disturbed than the others by the difference of age. Funfact : Christophe reads the blog "style rookie" written, as you may know, by THE blogger who happens to be my age. He must surely know a little something about 15 year old girls crazy for fashion.Quick photo session, open bar and a nice acoustic mini concert in the first row, just at their feet, and listening of the new album. It was the first among many more amazing experiences of my life to come!
happy blogging,