Oct 8, 2011

Standing Tall

Every fashion week, designers bring new trends to us. We look at the clothes but not always at the feet. Here are the basics of this week's catwalks:

This fashion week's shoes go from high platform heels, to flat slippers.

High fetched
Akris, Céline and YSL chose to raise there models up (as if they weren't tall enough) with platform heels in dull colors or with a touch of color and bling.

Then come the rather simple but sexy and in the season python sandals.

Since fall, a new foot trend has settled in: socks   heels. Designers seem to be keeping it for spring and summer as well.

THE shoes of this fashion week I have to say are Chanel's futuristic slipper-like boots. Wether it's the metallic shine or the geometric design, these shoes make Tron in style. They were a great risk, which explains why none other than Karl himself put them on the runway. It was an all in bet, either they rock the fashion globe or they're a big flop. What's your verdict?

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