Oct 12, 2011

Hippy Market

Last , last saturday (I know it's been awhile) with two friends, I went charity/ frip/ thrift shopping in the shopping center of Paris. Yes, wether your style is bcbg preppy, rock n' roll or vintage like me the "maré" is the place to be. That's where I intend to start my street style because everyone is dressed so cool and unique there. So we did all the frips I love and took many pictures, inspired by all the tags on the walls.

We first came accross a great big vintage store. No, it isn't a thrift store like any other. It's clean, It's tidy, better, even, it's sorted by color, by theme, categorized by trend!
Welcome to the Hippy Market.

The dresses are clean, leather goods are waxed and polished, scarves aren't wrinkled, skirts are touched up. You're not dreaming, it's all vintage, but everything is in order. And it's bearly more expensive than other places.

After that, we continued our way towards one of my favorite thrift shops: Free'p'star. Now this place is the good old thrift store where you dig and dig furociously to find THE vintage items to make your outfits awesome and unique. And also try on a few excentric stuff you wish you could pull off in an everyday outfit.

After that, we couldn't help ourselves we just had to stop at the lomography store, where, as you can imagine we took more photos.

Hippy Market
21 rue du Temple
75004 PARIS

Other thrift store (I don't have the name but it says "COIFFEUR")
rue des rosiers
75004 PARIS

17 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie
75004 PARIS

As always, happy blogging,

Special thanks and shout out to Alma Declercq and Léa Dousset.

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  1. where do you buy the chain with the blue stones? it's very pretty!