Oct 8, 2011

Chanel SS12

As allways, Karl Lagerfeld has enchanted us with this fashion week's show.  The Grand Palais was transformed by huge, blinding white sea shapes—corals, shells, sea horses, stingrays—and Florence Welch arose like Botticelli's Venus on the half shell to sing "What the Water Gave Me."
Indeed, this year, Karl's whole show was built around the lightness of the sea. Using materials he couldn't even describe, he transformed this collection into an underwater life and nothing but lightness. The ruffles on one dress looked like sea sponges, the fringes on another wiggled arround like seaweed. But not to worry, the brand's all time classics were still in the catwalk. Yes, with this show, Karl was able to show us his dynamic imagination and still keep the essence of the brands classics such as the squarish tweeds. All in all Chanel's bewitching energy continues to grow on us and expanded it's spell range to the sea making us ready to step into the world of the little mermaid.

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