Sep 22, 2011

New start

Hey guys!
As you can see I have launched a new and improved blog. I wanted to make a more personal blog with more contact with my readers. You can expect to see the same kinds of posts as nevermindthemode, with a little extra personal  touch, as well as new categories such as Style stalker and Frip finder. This also corresponds to a change in my personal life : the beginning of high school. Of course this means less time for blog posting but I'll make it work. Also, this year I will be starting a photography club so expect to see some more of that too. So ... that's about it, I hope you enjoy and please do not hesitate to follow this blog, you can find it on facebook, bloglovin, ifb, and soon on twitter.
happy blogging,


1 comment:

  1. So cute,love the new blog!
    Just going through the same thing having a little refurbishment of my blog too.

    Hope you can check it out sometime!