Sep 24, 2011

How to wear Creepers

asos 95 pounds / underground 75 pounds / underground 85 pounds
First reserved for punks and goths, these shoes have made their rehab in fashion shows. A look resolutely masculine rock that we will try to adopt and twist without a miss. But how to adopt these very special shoes made ​​in Britain?

Play it preppy : the creepers are imposing, but style wise, they are sufficient in themselves. To feminize your outfit do not forget to wear a little reminder of color. We choose a non-waisted dress with a trapeze shape and flared,  with polka dots or childish patterns. We can add a Peter Pan collar and cropped leather jacket or a burgundy color to go along with this fall/winter trend.

Retro rock it : for a rocker look, wear all white and black Creepers. With a 7 / 8 (burgundy of course) or a white skinny rolled upOn top wear a simple button up shirt and a leather jacket(studds or no studds). If you think it's too much, wear a vintage men's jean jacket that everyone seems to have. For hair : a VV Brown banana up do that you can wrap up in a red bandana. (this is my favoriteway to wear them)

Go all grungy : reuse an old pair of jean shorts to wear out and rip and wear it hig waisted. For mid-season you can wear tights that you can also wear out if you like but i think it's a bit too much. For a romantic touch, wear on top a block lace bodysuit.With this look, go all out on the  smoky eyes. To top it off steel your boyfriend's jacket (or your brother's if youre single ) to play it cold wave like the lead singer of The Cure or in this case those denim jackets. Black melon hats, if you have long hair complete the grunge feel of the outfit.

Masculin version:  abandon pinup high heels for a more sophisticated masculin look as seen in the D&G show for winter. Then wear a pair of wide pants or Bermuda shorts, a white shirt, an XXL jacket and suspenders. To brighten and girly up the boyish outfit you can accesorize with a colorful scarf or a long necklace. Keep girly make up like black sexy eyeliner to still have a little sexiness in the outfit.
Tell me how you like to wear your creepers or show me with a picture!

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