Dec 27, 2011

It bags of the next season

Hello, good morning, good afternoon and goodnight dear readers, once again I am so very sorry about the delay of this post's arrival to your computers but, again I have had lots of work and haven't had much time for blogging. I have been productive though, I'm happy to announce that I now own a functional digital camera! So, you can finally look forward to some streetstyle and other photography posts. 

After having studied and restuddied all my fav looks from the catwalks, I have selected a few bags I 'd like to share with you.

First, this trend has made it's way into top trends this year and continues to animate the runway. Wether it's there practical little size (really not that practical considering the amount of things that fit in them) or there defferent shapes and colors, mini bags are in once again this season.

Next up, if we talk about mini bags, obviously we must mention MAXI bags. They, on the contrary can get quite stuffed and heavy. Creative designers have combined cool colors and shapes for those aswell.

Now, gitty-up cow-girls! here come the fringed bags, clutches and satchels.

Just because the weather got better, doesn't mean that the wild furs are not in season again.

More in relation with the season, summer means beach, sun and straw accessories!

And last, but not least, little key chains attract attention and brighten up any look. They can be anything, from little people to food, even in great brand shows.

So, if I am correct, with this big amount of  interesting colorful bags of all shapes, sizes and materials, you should be able to find one to your likings that will give you a styled look in a second.

happy blogging,

Dec 5, 2011

Marni for H&M

After having made quite an impression with their Versace collection, H&M decided to keep things going stong with their coming up collaboration with Marni. Indeed these collaborations (Lanvin, Versace...) are a big part of all the commotion that is made for the Swedish brand. They choose wisely and publicize intensively to get attention and rightly so. For, as many of their usual collections, H&M's collaborational pieces are wearable everyday but still high end.
Marni was another perfect choice. I sense a true love story between Sweden and Italy. 
The brand is known for it's prints and poppy colors that, paired with neutral tones and minimalist shapes, keep an inimitable elegance.
I loved the last collection :
Therefore I am so excited to see what Consuelo Castiglioni will bring to my favorite little swedish paradise!

happy blogging,

Nov 2, 2011

God save the Queen

For my October holidays (yes french people are weird and have holidays in October), I went to London. I saw my cousins, uncles, the big Ben, Buckingham palace, Soho, Hyde park... I saw what you could see in 3 days. I took many pictures of the city I now put in my top ten. Find it as sad as you want but to be honest, one of the things I enjoyed the most there was TOPSHOP. It's enormous and has everything for evry style at every price! So without further ado , I give you London.

Liberty is a big department stores reserved for the biggest and most luxurious brand names from all around the world.

 I love these Topshop bags.

happy blogging,