Apr 22, 2014

One, two, three! Viva l'Algérie!

I can't even begin to apologize for the giant delay, work, work, work, I can't catch a break. So I actually don't have recent news but old news of the freedom of last summer. I went back to the "bled" to see my family. For some reason, although I've been there at least 12 times, it was the first time I actually began to see Algeria. From Tipaza to Algiers, I took all the pictures I could (taking as little risks as possible) to share the beauty, not only of the landscapes, but of the mentality of great hospitality and family values. That's why this article touches me way more closely than others because it is the first time I actually have a message and a vision I want to transmit to my viewers through my photography.

A little point of politics for those who are informed and may be saying to themselves: "Hey, I haven't heard of Algeria lately, why wasn't there a revolution there like the other north African countries? " (I'm joking, I know no one was thinking that but I want to talk about it)

Well it's simple : these so called revolutions were "civil war" ones. But Algeria, even after a very violent independance war against France has already known in the past century a kind of civil war which didn't lead to a very satisfying political situation. The generations that have witnessed these wars feel there has been a great injustice but that all tries of reestablishment of justice would be useless and destructive. A national hope and cohesion is not possible anymore. Instead of trying to make Algeria better as a whole, each family tries to see how they can make life better for there kids by, for example going to other countries. It is necessary to point out that the corruption is so rooted into algerian politics that it is difficult to imagine a way out.

That was the minute politics, and now I give you picture time !

Jul 30, 2012

Couture Fashion Week 2012

Oh no! Am I late? I believe I am. Damn, how surprising you might say, considering I'm always so punctual and post so regularly. For those who still have trouble with the notion of sarcasm, like the amazing Sheldon Cooper (Big bang theory), well that was a perfect example.
I do admit that fashion week, the buzz and the fuss everyone makes about it, have disinterested me lately. All I really notice is the ridiculous gaga lunatics dressed like they are mentally ill. It makes me smile. Do you know the movie "A Dangerous Method" ? I watched it yesterday and it seems to me as thoughsome crazy fashion week victims are in great need of a little psychoannalysis slap in the face.
Anyhow, fashion blogger status obliges, I caught up quickly my lesson on the last fashion week. I still managed to find a few pieces that didn't seem too absurd and actually look nice to me. The rest is just like modern art, even if I don't understand it, it's "pretty"...
Frankly, a few high prestige brands have just confirmed their overrated status in my mind. Always looking for new and innovative ideas sometimes just lands you nowhere and gives birth to odd creations that people from the fashion sphere have to recognize as works of art just because of the brand and designer. Why would anyone be proud of some of these items that do nothing but disfigure the human body and probably hurt to wear?
I will not say any names because I still respect these people very much and have a great deal of admiration for their past work and blablabla, but come on, really?

Well, to get on with this fashion week article, I present to you my favorite picks:

As you may have guessed, I'm crazy for long flowy well cut gowns (although I'm too short to wear any). That's why I always love every Elie Saab couture show and Valentino as well. These dresses simply make the women wearing them look amazing, feminine and classy. 

Chanel, the one and only, as usual, is very elegant yet with masculin touches. Although there were a few glitches in the show (like the oddly shiny pink and baby blue dress that just looks like it came out of an ABBA concert) Chanel kept an overall class playing more on the firly side than usual with several touches of pink.

Also a few mistakes made in the Dior show but I love the graphic, geometrical designs blending in with a 40s style, structured yet feminin announcing their emanciptaion.

A rather new discovery for me, I had only seen the last Stephane Rolland show before which was full of colour. Here I loved the feathers and the gloves of the glamorous 20s. The neutral tones are very well mastered.

It's a rather interesting creation. This starts to get into the oddness of couture. Indeed it's an unusual product of floral and natural inspirations but the real art of Giambattista Valli is keeping a sens of class therefor, these pieces, taken separately from the oddness of the accessories, can be worn and can look gorgeous. (except for the big flower dress in the middle)

From air hostess to vintage goth, the limit is very unclear. Changing the pink and neutral tones, Armani Privé decided to go with colder colors, all shades of blue, purpke black and gray. Once again, original but classy. Using vintage inspirations and a clever mix of darkness (jewelery etc.) the show is a mix of past, present and future.

Maison Martin Margiela used minimalist colors and focused on textures, patterns and shapes. Indeed, whether it's the lace pants or the jeweled masks, these pieces leave an impression of chic diversity.

Ah JPG, bold as always, this season he decided to play with extravagance and the sexes. Inspired by the glamourous 20s, the top pieces include feathers, fur and glitter mixed with pastel colors. After inspirations from the past come inspirations of the future. Using different materials and geometric shapes, JPG took us back to the future while keeping it interesting with transparency.

Interesting... colorful... ruffles... space odity
Hard to describe

Weird, odd, strange, bizarre, peculiar, eccentric, unusual, freaky, intriguing, twisted....

This season, designers chose very peculiar hand accessories going from a cane to a dog.

Same concept for the head and hair designs. Designers this fashion week showed to be very creative when it comes to accessorizing the head. Some even came to disfiguring the models, hiding their faces.

This type of overflow push us to question some fashion industry practices : Are some designers going too far?

happy blogging, 

Jul 26, 2012

Paella, crema catalana and other spanish miracles

Hola !
After having crossed the desert for a long time, I am finally giving you an oasis of 96 elephants.
With the end of my school year and , logicaly, the beginning of my summer vacation, a cover of lethargy and good old laziness has surrounded me comfortably. What with my daily naps and perpetual geeking off, I haven't gotten to really motivate myself for other activies, like blogging. Today, I was so bored that i just decided to say "Why not? If it can get me occupied a bit longer. " So here is me getting motivated!
My only change of air for this summer was two weeks of beach, food and relaxation in Palma de Mallorca. I ate paellas, tapas, crema catalanas and seafood, a lot of sea food, went swimming in two of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to and slept a lot. And of course , as usual, I took pictures everywhere of everything like the little japanese tourist I am inside.

the royal palace

the cathedral

the view from my balcony

ma sista

the Dali museum

Further more, as it was summer, I had a little fun showing off my all new summer finds and changed outfits rather often, here are a few of them.

top Pull and Bear, shorts Primark, watch Swatch, jacket Pull and Bear, sunnies H&M

dress Molly Bracken

dress Lovely Sud, bag Primark

top H&M, shorts Pull and Bear

happy blogging,

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